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Boyd, Congressional Gold Medal Recipient as CAP WWII Member and Tuskegee Airman, Passes at 91
Fri, 22 Jun 2018 11:25:17 -0500

Col. George M. Boyd, a former Kansas Wing commander and Tuskegee Airman as well as Civil Air Patrol's 2010 Senior Member of the Year, died Thursday. He was 91 and would have turned 92 Saturday.

"Col. Boyd's passing represents a real loss to CAP, to the Tuskegee Airman, to the entire aviation community and to the nation," said Maj. Gen. Mark Smith, CAP national commander. "He served as a true ambassador for our organization, and we will all miss him deeply. Our entire organization's condolences go to his family, especially his wife, Mattie, and all those who were privileged to know him.

Boyd joined Civil Air Patrol as a cadet in the New Jersey Wing's North Bergen County Squadron and was a member from 1943-1944. He served as a cadet sergeant and taught new cadets how to drill.

He joined the U.S. Army Air Corps on Jan. 20, 1944, and went on to become a Tuskegee Airman. He also served during the Korean and Vietnam wars, became a radar intercept officer and helped protect fuel tanks for bombers in Tule, Greenland. He retired from the U.S. Air Force as a major.

Boyd rejoined CAP and went on to become Kansas Wing commander from February 2000-May 2004 after serving as deputy commander, chief of staff and executive officer. He also helped establish the Kansas State Department of Civil Air Patrol.

At the national level, he served as controller, as a member of the National Board and the National Executive Committee, and as Urban Programs adviser.

Boyd and his fellow Tuskegee Airmen were honored with a Congressional Gold Medal on March 29, 2007, for their service. Another Congressional Gold Medal recognized Boyd and his World War II CAP colleagues on Dec. 10, 2014.

National Headquarters Hosting 50th Cadet Officer School for 108 from 35 Wings
Fri, 22 Jun 2018 10:33:14 -0500

Civil Air Patrol’s Cadet Officer School returns to Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, next week. And this Cadet Officer School, or COS, will be extra special, as it marks the 50th year CAP’s “very best” cadets have gathered and participated in the college-level leadership course.

“This is one of the top professional development opportunities available to America’s youth,” said Maj. Gen. Mark Smith, CAP’s national commander, who plans on visiting the school while it is in session over the next two weeks.

COS begins Sunday at Maxwell — site of CAP National Headquarters and home of Air University and professional military education for the U.S. Air Force. That makes it the ideal venue to develop the leadership skills of more than 100 high-achieving CAP cadets.

“This is a premier leadership opportunity that is afforded to our very best cadets,” said Col. Joe Winter, activity director for the 2018 COS. “Only the top 15 percent of CAP’s cadets are accepted to attend.”

Winter said CAP plans to observe the school’s 50th anniversary at the graduation banquet on July 6.

COS started in 1968 as the Cadet Leadership School at Reno-Stead Air Force Base in Nevada. Three two-week sessions were held, beginning in mid-June and ending in early August. A total of 242 cadets graduated from the inaugural CLS. In 1970, the name of the activity was changed to “Cadet Officer School,” and it moved to Maxwell AFB.

This year, 108 cadets from 90 squadrons in 35 wings are participating in what is now a 10-day course.

Cadets will hear from senior Air Force as well as Smith and other Civil Air Patrol leaders.

“This whole experience is a rare opportunity for our cadets,”  Winter said. “It’s not every day they get to meet and mingle with senior leaders who make up the Total Force of our Air Force.”

Learning to lead is always the primary focus of COS, which is patterned after Air Force Squadron Officer School.

Through this week and into next week the cadets participate in a variety of lectures and supporting discussions toexplore leadership topics. They practice what they learn through a series of comprehensive writing and speaking assignments, culminating with graduation and the anniversary-themed banquet.

“This is a popular destination for our cadets because of the rigorous academic curriculum and the caliber of instruction offered by the instructor team,” Winter said. “The leadership skills our cadets acquire here will no doubt lead them to exciting careers.”

CAP and its cadet program have built strong citizens throughout its history, providing leadership training, technical education, scholarships and career education to young men and women ages 12-20.

Activities like COS give CAP cadets the opportunity to improve their skills in a variety of areas, including search and rescue, flight and emergency services, science, leadership fundamentals, citizenship and military courtesies, and to explore aerospace technology and aviation careers.

This summer, more than 7,500 youth are participating in CAP-sponsored summer activities, including wing encampments nationwide.

Here are the cadets participating in COS this year: 

Alabama Wing
Bessemer Composite Squadron

  • Katriel Campbell
  • William Jenson Sawyer 

Maxwell Composite Squadron

  • Anthony D. Kissik
  • Matthew S. Nelson

117th Air National Guard Composite Squadron

  • Travis Ian Lancaster
  • John D. Willoughby

Alaska Wing
Birchwood Composite Squadron

  • Isabella K. Mollison

Arizona Wing
Deer Valley Composite Squadron 302

  • Kaelyn N. Marble

Mohave Valley Composite Squadron

  • Abigail N. Brown

Willie Composite Squadron

  • Madalyn N. Fredman

Arkansas Wing
115th Composite Squadron

  • Connor Joseph Martfeld

California Wing
San Diego Cadet Squadron 144

  • Mark A. Ferdinandwalters

Colorado Wing
Thompson Valley Composite Squadron

  • Tristan L. Hanley

Vance Brand Composite Squadron

  • Memphis K. Thomas 

Air Academy Cadet Squadron

  • Miranda L. Fay 
  • Jack C. Doole

Valkyrie Cadet Squadron

  • Leighton M. Wright 

Delaware Wing
Delaware Air National Guard Cadet Squadron

  • Alexander Henry Chalmbers
  • Stephen Vincent Ciskanik
  • Charles Simonhill Griffin

Eagle Cadet Squadron

  • Kegan S. Walker

Middleton Cadet Squadron

  • Noure Desmond Sydney
  • John D. Pedraza

Florida Wing
Central Florida Composite Squadron

  • Cole D. Frank 

Charlotte County Composite Squadron

  • Samuel J. Greisiger 

North Palm Beach County Composite Squadron

  • Lily Marie Greever

Polk County Composite Squadron

  • Emanuel J. Alicea

Orlando Cadet Squadron

  • John C. Chitty

Naples Cadet Squadron

  • Stephen M. Havens

Georgia Wing
Ellijay Composite Squadron

  • Brendan M. Walker

Griffin Composite Squadron

  • Roman A. Browning
  • Raquel M. Gonzalez

Sandy Springs Cadet Squadron

  • Jacob E. Isakson

Idaho Wing
Boise Composite Squadron

  • Simon P. Hibbard 

Illinois Wing
Lewis Composite Squadron

  • Parker James Woods 

McLean County Composite Squadron

  • Lauren M. Buggar

Indiana Wing
Fort Wayne Composite Squadron

  • Keyton Andrew Irick

St. Joe Valley Cadet Squadron

  • Courtney L. Parcell

Louisiana Wing
St. Tammany Composite Squadron

  • Stephen Nogueras
  • Samuel P. Roy 

Maryland Wing
College Park Composite Squadron

  • Rebecca Akhigbe

Col. Mary S. Feik Composite Squadron

  • Edward Pugh 

Hartford Composite Squadron

  • Benjamin E. Mullen

Massachusetts Wing
Hanscom Composite Squadron

  • Kayla Nicole Driscoll

Michigan Wing
Oakland Composite Squadron

  • Nicholas L. Tupper

Rochester-Oakland Cadet Squadron

  • Ayaan Shaikh

Van Dyke Cadet Squadron

  • Harley A. Jones

Minnesota Wing
Anoka Composite Squadron

  • Elise Marie Doble

Duluth Composite Squadron

  • Dakota J. St. John

Southeast Minnesota Composite Squadron

  • Cameron Timothy Argo 

Mississippi Wing
Desoto Composite Squadron

  • Sage A. Bender

Missouri Wing
Harry S. Truman Composite Squadron

  • Julie Susanne Barclay

Laclede County Composite Squadron

  • Isaac Dean Holcomb

Lees Summit Composite Squadron

  • Andrew Calvin Wong

Nebraska Wing
Gen. Curtis Lemay Offutt Composite Squadron

  • Brandon M. Earl

Nevada Wing
Nellis Composite Squadron

  • Ryan C. Casa

New Jersey Wing
Delaware Valley Composite Squadron

  • Jordan Christine Smith

Gloucester County Composite Squadron

  • Christopher A. Horner

Pictatinny Composite Squadron

  • Mark N. Spicka

Raritan Valley Composite Squadron

  • Oliver Zp Yao

Teterboro Composite Squadron

  • Kayla H. Seo

New Mexico Wing
Santa Fe Composite Squadron

  • Dakota J. Cisneros

T-Bird Composite Squadron 4

  • Christina S. Matthews

Eagle Cadet Squadron

  • Heidi L. Darsey

New York Wing
Capt. Luke C. Wullenwaber Composite Squadron

  • Frederic G. Knecht

Jamestown Composite Squadron

  • Dyress Batten

Stalwart Cadet Squadron

  • Fazeela Abrahim
  • Shivinder Singh
  • Malh Andrew Xavier Pow Chon Long

Twin Tiers Cadet Squadron

  • Matthew J. Cleveland 
  • Nicholas R. Cleveland 
  • Daniel J. Delio
  • Kathryn E. Milewski

Westchester Cadet Squadron 1

  • Adam Zachary DeLitta 
  • Francesco F. Giordano

North Carolina Wing
Asheville Composite Squadron

  • Jacob D. McIntosh

Cape Fear Composite Squadron

  • Patrick W. McDoniel 

Composite Squadron of the Waxhaws

  • Landon M. Clouse

Hickory Composite Squadron

  • Evan T. Randolph

Randolph Composite Squadron

  • Tyler J. Smith

Tar River Composite Squadron

  • George RA Green

Winston Salem Composite Squadron

  • Jody R. Matthews

111th Search and Rescue Composite Squadron

  • Aaliyah Nicole Perkins

Ohio Wing
Clermont County Composite Squadron

  • Gabriel L. Christenson
  • Lincoln R. Sanden

Licking County Composite Squadron

  • Nathaniel G. Ericson
  • Garrett A. Thomas

Wright-Patterson Composite Squadron

  • Rachael Lynn Nida

Mansfield 177th Squadron

  • Lily Adara Ericsson 

Oklahoma Wing
Starbase Composite Squadron

  • Bailey K. Lunsford

Oregon Wing
Salem Composite Squadron

  • Ezra Dean Oien

Washington County Composite Squadron

  • Aaron Robert Wickenhagen

Pennsylvania Wing
Doylestown Composite Squadron 907

  • Cole Garrett Reagan

Golden Triangle Composite Squadron 603

  • Enoch K. Cummings

Mercer County Composite Squadron

  • Lydia R. Anderson 

Puerto Rico Wing
Col. Clara E. Livingston Cadet Squadron

  • Edgar G. Cancel-Berrios

Maj. William Biaggi Cadet Squadron

  • Roberto Almodovar 

Ponce High School Cadet Squadron

  • Yolibeth Felix

South Carolina Wing
Greenville Composite Squadron

  • James Elliott Clemence

Tennessee Wing
McGhee-Tyson Composite Squadron

  • Connor W. Falin

Millington Composite Squadron

  • Elijah C. Fleming

Music City Composite Squadron

  • Josiah D. Shannon

Texas Wing
South Fort Worth Diamondback Composite Squadron

  • Alyssa Hope Kohler

Sheldon Cadet Squadron

  • Logan S. O'Brien 

Washington Wing
Arlington Composite Squadron

  • Koal Kevin Greenwood

Northern Desert Composite Squadron

  • Cameron T. Quinn 

Wisconsin Wing
Ozaukee Composite Squadron

  • Temish S. Christiansen