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By Lt Col Judy Steele
October 17, 2018
Florida and Georgia Wings, Civil Air Patrol have flown 122 sorties and have taken over 6,200 photos for assessment of Michael's damage. Lt. Col. Jerusha McLeod Dooley of the National Capital Wing in the District of Columbia, originally from the Des ...
By Lt Col Judy Steele
October 12, 2018
Civil Air Patrol's Florida and Georgia Wings working hard in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael to document damage. Photo reconnaissance missions are being flown to assist federal and local agents in getting help where needed most.
By Lt Col Judy Steele
October 10, 2018
Southeast Region members work hard to prepare assets and personnel to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. They are now in a waiting mode until it clears in their area to help those in need.
By Lt. Col. Robert Sims
October 9, 2018
Col Hank Rogers Commander of the Mississippi Wing of the Civil Air Patrol presents Cadet Captain Joseph Crum with the Amelia Earhart Award at a ceremony on 1 October 2018. The award represents the completion of Phase III of the CAP cadet program, an ...

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Vehicle Manufacturer Provides Hawk Mountain With New 'Ranger'
Thu, 15 Nov 2018 20:16:39 -0600

Lt. Col. Morgan Torp-Pedersen
Public Affairs Officer
Tennessee Wing

Photos by Lt. Col. Morgan Torp-Pedersen


Hawk Mountain Ranger School in Kempton, Pennsylvania, received a new “Ranger” over the weekend when Polaris Industries, the leading manufacturer of off-road vehicles, donated a four-passenger Ranger Crew utility vehicle that will be used to support the school's year-round training in wilderness search and rescue and emergency services.

”The donation of this Polaris Ranger will allow us to more safely conduct our training operations on the rugged mountain terrain to resupply and respond to emergencies in areas  we couldn't otherwise access with vehicles,” said Lt. Col. Brian Cuce, ranger school commander.

”After spending the day testing it out in our field conditions on the Appalachian Trail, the speed, power and comfort live up to its branding of the 'hardest working and smoothest riding,' " Cuce said.

Col. Gary Fleming, Pennsylvania Wing commander, was on hand to officially accept the donation as the corporate representative of Civil Air Patrol.

”We hope we can continue a partnership with the Polaris corporation in the future to not just support our training but our active search and rescue operations as well,” Fleming said.

Located along the rugged Appalachian Trail, Hawk Mountain is the longest-running search and rescue school in the nation. The school provides wilderness search and rescue training to cadets and senior members across the country through a weeklong summer program as well as weekend training events throughout the year.

The goal is to build CAP emergency services leaders who are experts in wilderness search and rescue and disaster response, operating in challenging, protracted and austere search environments and leading the way in advancing the organization’s ground search and rescue capabilities.

Calif. Wing Assisting in Search for Mountaineer
Thu, 01 Nov 2018 16:55:57 -0500

The California Wing has joined a multi-agency effort, led by the Alpine County Sheriff’s Office, to find a 55-year-old mountaineer reported missing since Saturday.

Civil Air Patrol is providing “high bird” communications relay services for the search teams on the ground. Terrain in Alpine County – located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, south of Lake Tahoe on the California-Nevada border – can rise above 11,000 feet, making radio communications problematic in the back country.

Ground search teams radio the “high bird,” which relays the communications to the search incident command post or other searchers.

Some CAP Cessnas are equipped with turbocharged engines, radio repeaters and oxygen (for the crew) for sustained high-altitude operations. CAP aircrews must fly a consistent pattern at very high altitude in sight of the search teams and the incident command post.