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Region Staff College
Region Staff College is the formal in-residence course required for completion of Level IV (Command and Staff) of the CAP officer professional development program. SERSC prepares selected CAP officers (normally Majors and Major selects) to better execute the duties and responsibilities associated with CAP command and staff positions at the Region and Wing levels.
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CAP senior members who have completed Level III of the professional development program and currently hold command or staff positions at any level within CAP, are eligible to attend the SERSC. Others may attend on a space available basis with an approved waiver (See note below).


The Region Commander may permit attendance at Region Staff College prior to completion of Level III on an exception basis. If an SERSC student is requesting a waiver it must accompany the CAP Form 17. The Region Commander’s approved written waiver should be sent to the Director, Southeast Region Staff College prior to the course start date.
Event Details

 When and Where

9 - 15 June 2019
I.G. Brown Air National Guard Training and Education Center
McGhee Tyson ANGB, Knoxville, Tennessee


$125.00 per person (does not include meals)

   Registration Process


Commercial Air
  • Transportation to and from the McGhee Tyson Airport will be available for all students arriving by commercial air.  To arrange pick-up/drop-off transportation, complete the Travel Information and Transportation Form with your submitted application package.

 General Aviation 

  • Transportation to and from the McGhee Tyson Airport will be available for all students flying in.  Parking and fuel are available at TAC Air.  To make arrangements with the FBO, call  865-970-9000.  Unicom - 122.95



  • Students planning to arrive by ground transportation should go to 400 Taylor Street, Louisville, TN 37777. On base speed limit is 25 MPH, unless otherwise posted. Please use extreme caution when traveling during the hours just before and just after the normal duty day. Drive carefully, wear seat belts, and be aware of other drivers on the roadways.

Advisory Transportation to and from such activity is not the responsibility of CAP and is provided "as available”.  Transportation during the activity will NOT be provided. Privately owned vehicles (POVs) traveling to or from such activity is performed solely at the risk of the individual CAP members and their passengers.CAP assumes no right of control, liability or responsibility for such transportation (reference CAPR 77-1, Operation and Maintenance of Civil Air Patrol Vehicles, para 1-8 b.). 


Lodging will be on the McGhee Tyson ANGB in the student dormitories.  Reservation will be made on behalf of students.   There is currently no lodging fees for RSC staff or students.


Student registration will be held from 1500 – 1600 on Sunday, 9 June 2019 on McGhee Tyson ANGB at the I. G. Brown Technical Education Center. The specific location (Building and street address) will be sent to all registered students prior to arrival.
Important  Please make sure that you call home and give your family your room and phone number information. Let them know you have arrived at SERSC safely.


Daily Meals: You are responsible for your own meals, with the exception of the Sunday evening social and Friday Graduation Banquet. The dining facility is pay-as-you-go, cash only. There is an ATM at the base exchange and at the dining facility. Skipping a meal is permissible but not always healthy.

Dining facility: The facility is within walking distance of the school. See the section on Course Fees for current pricing. Meals will be the responsibility of each student.  McGhee Tyson ANGB hosts a dining facility that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The dining facility is conveniently within walking distance of the dorms.

Dinner will be provided during the graduation banquet.

  Uniform Of The Day

  • In Processing (Sunday) - Civilian attire. Wear of the CAP uniform is not required until 0630 on Monday.
  • General Courses -  Class B, Service Dress Uniform (USAF or CAP)
  • Graduation Banquet - Mess Dress or Class A, Service Dress Uniform (USAF or CAP).  Guest are requested to dress in a suit or evening attire as appropriate.
Advisory   The proper wear of the uniform is paramount during this in-residence school.  Please take time to ensure your uniform is in good serviceable condition and an accredit to you, your classmates, and the Civil Air Patrol to avoid any embarrassment.  If you have any concerns or questions, refer to CAPM 39-1, CAP Uniform Manual or contact a resident adviser. No casual wear, CAP polo combinations, BDUs, or Flight Suits will be permitted.
Special Notice
Students are not permitted to use tobacco products of any kind during academic duty hours. Students are also prohibited from using tobacco at any time while  in uniform. Students will use tobacco only in designated tobacco areas.
The location of this activity is scheduled to take place on a Department of Defense facility.  Due to the nature of real world events, participation on a military installation can change as this Civil Air Patrol activity is considered a non-priority event.   Although unlikely, it is possible that our facilities at the planned installation will become unavailable to us with short notice.  
Have a question, comment, or concern about the Region Staff College.  We are here to help.  Fill out the quick form below and a member of the college staff will be sure to address your inquiry. 

Duty Hours
Day Time Event Uniform of the Day*
Sunday:    1500 - 2200 In-Processing Civilian Attire
1500 - 2200


SERSC polo shirt

Monday - Thursday:    0630 - 1700 Course Sessions Service Uniform (CAP or USAF-style)

1800 - 0630

Off Duty Hours

Civilian Attire

Friday:    0630 - 1500 Course Sessions Service Uniform (CAP or USAF-style)

1800 - 2200

Graduation Banquet

CAP Corporate Blazer, Mess Dress, or Formal Civilian Attire

Saturday:   0630 - 1000 Out-Processing, Departure Civilian Attire
*Uniform information is solely a snap-shot.  Please refer to the RCS Participation Handbook (in publications) for detailed uniform of the day guidance.
About McGhee Tyson ANGB
134th Refueling Wing
McGhee Tyson ANGB
McGhee Tyson ANGB is the home of the 134th Air Refueling Wing (134 ARW) of the Tennessee Air National Guard, an Air Mobility Command (AMC) gained unit which functions as the host wing for the installation. Other tenants of the base include the 219th Command and Control Group the I.G. Brown Air National Guard Training and Education Center, and the 1-230th Armored Cavalry Squadron's Army Aviation Support Facility of the Tennessee Army National Guard, operating several OH-58 Kiowa Warrior helicopters. (Source:  Wikipedia)

I.G. Brown Air National Guard Training and Education Center
The I.G. Brown Air National Guard Training and Education Center is the heart of leadership training for the Air National Guard and is located at McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base near Knoxville, Tennessee. 82 Total Force personnel support the Paul H. Lankford Enlisted Professional Military Education Center and the Media and Engagement Division. The center, also known as TEC, conducts an average of 18 professional military education courses a year and hosts more than 40 skill enhancement classes in subjects ranging from explosives safety orientation to food services, recruiting, security and expeditionary medical support. Total Air Force personnel educate more than 4,200 students per year through in-resident, blended, and distance-learning courses. The Media and Engagement Division also provides high-quality media content to locations worldwide through the television production studios of TEC TV, web platforms, and the Air National Guard Warrior Network satellite broadcast programming. (Source:  Wikipedia)