Chaplain Corps Staff College

Southeast Region Chaplain Corps Staff College2019 Chaplain Corps Staff College - Cancelled

The Chaplain Corps Staff College has been cancelled.  Preliminary plans for the 2020 Southeast Region Chaplain Corps Staff College are currently being developed.  More Information soon!  


Current Civil Air Patrol Chaplains and Character Development Instructors in good standing.
2019 SER Chaplain Corps Region Staff College Event Details

  When & Where

17-21 June 2019 Maxwell AFB, AL

 Map Maxwell AFB, AL

$50.00 per person (does not include lodging and meals)
  • Includes the banquet
Guests/Spouse: Cost for the banquet is $35.00 for any guests or spouses (see registration form to enter guest details).

 Registration Process
  • Read the Operations Plan
  • Mail the Registration Form with payment ($50 check or money order payable to: SER Chaplain Staff College 2019) to the address below.
  • Registration deadline has been extended to 10 June 2019.
(Ch) Lt Col Van Don Williams
558 Hartwell Court
Jonesboro, GA 30238
For questions about registration contact Lt Col Van Don Williams at

 Lodging Information

Maxwell AFB (Air Force Inn) Lodge

Please make your reservations by calling Phone(334) 953-3931

The cost is $63/night.  

NOTE: CCSC Registrar does not handle housing reservations.


Meals will be the responsibility of each student.  

Uniform Of The Day
  • General Courses -  Air Force style short-sleeve blue shirt with pants/skirt or CAP corporate uniform (grey slacks/white short-sleeve shirt). No tie, No ribbons (badges per regulations).
  • Class Photo - Service Dress Uniform or CAP corporate uniform with blazer.
  • Graduation Banquet - Mess Dress or Class A, Service Dress Uniform.  Guest are requested to dress in a suit or evening attire as appropriate.
Advisory  The proper wear of the uniform is paramount during this in-residence school.  Please take time to ensure your uniform is in good serviceable condition and an accredit to you, your classmates, and the Civil Air Patrol to avoid any embarrassment.  If you have any concerns or questions, refer to CAPM 39-1, CAP Uniform Manual or contact a resident adviser. No casual wear, CAP polo combinations, BDUs, or Flight Suits will be permitted.


Advisory  Transportation to and from such activity is not the responsibility of CAP and is provided "as available”.  Transportation during the activity will NOT be provided. Privately owned vehicles (POVs) traveling to or from such activity is performed solely at the risk of the individual CAP members and their passengers.CAP assumes no right of control, liability or responsibility for such transportation (reference CAPR 77-1, Operation and Maintenance of Civil Air Patrol Vehicles, para 1-8 b.). 

 Special Notice

The location of this activity is scheduled to take place on an active US Air Force Base.  Due to the nature of real-world events, participation on a military installation can change as this Civil Air Patrol activity is considered a non-priority event.   Although unlikely, it is possible that our facilities at the planned installation will become unavailable to us with short notice.  The event staff will work towards providing an alternate location should such an scenario occur. 

 Students are not permitted to use tobacco products of any kind during academic duty hours. Students are also prohibited from using tobacco at any time while in uniform. Students will use tobacco only in designated tobacco areas.


Forward all questions, comments to: Ch Lt Col Van Don Williams, SER/DHC, SERCCS  Dean/Registrar