Cadet Honor Academy

Region Honor AcademyRegion Cadet Honor Academy ~ Puerto Rico
The Cadet Honor Academy prepares cadets to serve on color guards and honor guards while simultaneously furthering their individual character development.   The mission of the Cadet Honor Academy program is to prepare cadets to serve on color guards and honor guards while simultaneously furthering their individual character development. By training cadets on the finer points of Air Force style drill and ceremonies, the Cadet Honor Academy imparts timeless values of patriotism, community service, and personal honor.


All cadet in good standing and in the grade of C/Amn or higher are eligible to participate. Competency in basic drill is a must (i.e. facings, flanks, columns, etc.) However, cadet airmen and NCOs with fewer than two years’ CAP service are the primary audience. Completion of an encampment is not a pre-requisite. It is envisioned that experienced NCOs and cadet officers will serve as cadre.

Event Details

 When & Where

12 - 16 July 2018
Police Athletic League 
Calle Principal Carretera PR-173
Guaynabo, PR 00969


Students: $90.00 per cadet.
  • Lodging & meals included in tuition.
Staff: $70.00 per cadet/SM.
  • Lodging & meals included in tuition.

 Registration Process

  1. Upload completed & signed CAPF31, CAPF160, and CAPF161 to CHA Registration Submission Box by 30 June 2018.
    • Staff Application Procedure: Email Lt Col Ismael Rodriguez with a copy of your resume (looking for instructors and staff both SM & cadets)
  2. Pay online via Payment Site 
    • When filling out the address information, if you are from Puerto Rico, be sure to choose "Puerto Rico" under Country, not State.
    • Deadline for payment is 30 June 2018.

 Lodging Information

Included in the registration fee.

Participants can check in no earlier than 1700 hrs and no later than 1800 hrs 12 July 2018 at the address above (plan on eating dinner before arriving). Members checking in must have their CAP Membership Card on them. Participants flying in will need to send their itinerary to Lt Col Rodriguez so that we can make arrangements for transportation to and from the airport. Cadets will be released at 1300 hrs on 16 July 2018.


Included in the Registration fee.

 Uniform of the Day

  • Thursday, 12 July -  BDU's/ABU's 
  • Friday, 13 July - BDU's/ABU's
  • Saturday, 14 July - BDU's/ABU's 
  • Sunday, 15 July - BDU's/ABU's & Honor Guard Uniform
  • Monday, 16 July - Blues/Honor Guard Uniform
Advisory  The proper wear of the uniform is paramount during this in-residence school.  Please take time to insure your uniform is in good serviceable condition and an accredit to you, your classmates, and the Civil Air Patrol to avoid any embarrassment.  If you have any concerns or questions, refer to CAPM 39-1, CAP Uniform Manual or contact a resident adviser. No casual wear, CAP polo combinations, BDUs, or Flight Suits will be permitted.

 Equipment/Packing List


Commercial Air

Transportation to and from the San Juan International Airport will be available for all students arriving by commercial air.  To arrange pick-up/drop-off transportation, complete the Travel Information and Transportation Form with your submitted application package.



Students planning to arrive by ground transportation should go to Calle Principal Carreterra, Guaynabo, PR 00969.  If on a military base speed limit is 25 MPH, unless otherwise posted. Please use extreme caution when traveling during the hours just before and just after the normal duty day. Drive carefully, wear seat belts, and be aware of other drivers on the roadways.


 Forward all questions, comments to Lt Col Ismael Rodriguez.