Operations Conference

Southeast Region Operations ConferenceSoutheast Region Operations Conference
Senior level operations and command staff are encouraged to attend the region's annual Operations Conference.  This gathering is intended to bring members together to educate, network, collaborate, and full fill mission related objectives for the coming year across the Southeast Region.



Attendance at this event is by invitation only.  It is reserved for region and wing level leadership within the operations community.
Event Details

 When and Where
27 - 28 January 2018
Tyndall AFB, Florida


 Attendance Fee

$15.00 (covers lunch on Saturday and coffee/snacks). Fee to be collected at the door.

   Registration Process

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Commercial Air

  • Use KECP.  Transportation from KECP to TAFB will be available.



General Aviation 

  • Use KECP.  Transportation from KECP to TAFB will be available.




  • Attendees planning to arrive by ground transportation should report directly to the conference location as scheduled.  


Advisory Transportation to and from such activity is not the responsibility of CAP and is provided "as available”.  Transportation during the activity will NOT be provided. Privately owned vehicles (POVs) traveling to or from such activity is performed solely at the risk of the individual CAP members and their passengers.CAP assumes no right of control, liability or responsibility for such transportation (reference CAPR 77-1, Operation and Maintenance of Civil Air Patrol Vehicles, para 1-8 b.). 

  Lodging Information

CAP has blocked rooms for 26 - 28 January 2017.  13 January 2017 is the last day to book a room. 

Information for Booking Rooms:  CODE - AF Auxiliary Operations Conference

         Sand Dollar Inn
         325 FSS/FSVL
         204 Oak Drive
         Tyndall AFB, FL  32403

         DSN:  524-4210/ext. 3343 or 3348
         COM: 850-283-4210/ext. 3342 or 3348

 Check-In  Meals

Coffee, snacks and lunch will be provided on January 27

Breakfast and Dinners are the responsibility of each attendee.  TAFB Dining facility or local eateries are available.  

  Uniform Of The Day
CAP Corporate uniform short sleeve white shirt and gray slacks/skirt combination or the USAF-style short sleeve blue shirt with blue slacks/skirt combination. 

No flight suits, BDU's, or Polo Shirts 

Advisory  The proper wear of the uniform is paramount during this in-residence school.  Please take time to insure your uniform is in good serviceable condition and an accredit to you, your classmates, and the Civil Air Patrol to avoid any embarrassment.  If you have any concerns or questions, refer to CAPM 39-1, CAP Uniform Manual or contact a resident adviser. No casual wear, CAP polo combinations, BDUs, or Flight Suits will be permitted.
A general agenda includes:

  • CAP NHQ Briefing
  • CAPR 70-1 & ORM Review
  • Training Coordination for FY18
  • Planning for FY19
  • Glider Ops Update
  • FEMA Update
  • Multi-Wing Exercise Update
  • Comm Updates
  • Stan Eval Updates (i.e. Pilot Safety)
  • Aircraft Assignments
  • Maintenance Requirements 
A final agenda will be published within a week of the conference.  If you have topics you want to discuss, send an email NLT 6 January 2018 to Lt Col Al Van Lengen.  

Special Notice

The location of this activity is scheduled to take place on an active U.S. Air Force Base.  Due to the nature of real world events, participation on a military installation can change as this Civil Air Patrol activity is considered a non-priority event.   Although unlikely, it is possible that our facilities at the planned installation will become unavailable to us with short notice.  

In the event of a change, the alternate facility will be held on:

19 - 21 January 2018 at 
Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Georgia
 Forward all questions and comments to:  
Lt Col Al Van Lengen