Conference Cadet Rebate Program

Conference Cadet Rebate Program 
Cadets attending the Southeast Region and/or the National Conference in 2016 are eligible to receive a $20 rebate.  This is a limited offer for the first 100 cadets, so don't delay.  To redeem your $20 rebate, you must:
  1. Register and pay for your conference attendance.  
  2. Print out the receipt showing you paid for the event.
  3. Scan (pdf format), or take a clear image (jpg format) of your receipt
  4. Complete the form below to include uploading your scanned or photo of your receipt


This is a limited offer to the first 100 cadets who correctly apply for the rebate, so don't delay.  Submission for a rebate is NOT a guarantee that you will receive a rebate.  If you are not one of the first 100 cadets, understand that the rebate funds will have been exhausted, thus no rebate will be given.  So again, don't delay.