The Communications section provides, maintains, and manages radio wave communication technology in support of all of CAP's missions. Communication Officers insure members working in the field can communicate with each other and with command via transceivers.
Functional Address:  CAP SER/DC


Training and Information


High Frequency (HF) radio

Very High Frequency (VHF) Radio

Communications Staff
Director of Communications
Lt Col Joel Katz
 Master Rating
 Yellow Plane 4

Deputy Director of Communications, CONUS
Lt Col Mercer Richardson

 Master Rating
 Yellow Plane 44

Deputy Director of Communications, PR/VI
Lt Col Ruben Hernandez
 Master Rating
 Yellow Plane 46

Communications Licensing Officer
1st Lt John Stokeberry
 Technician Rating
 Yellow Plane 49

Communications Officer/Net Manager
Capt Carl Hultin
 Master Rating
 Yellow Plane 45

Communications Training Officer
Col Walter Schamel
 Yellow Plane 54