Online News Submission Guidelines

Southeast Region Online News

Southeast Region Online News syndicated feed helps to communicate Civil Air Patrol activity to our members and the communities they serve. Having a better understanding of the organization's missions, goals and programs helps foster support among members and key constituents.

Submission Guidelines

Online News is updated regularly by the public affairs personnel in Southeast Region. Unit public affairs personnel are encouraged to submit stories and are responsible for accuracy and approval of content. Online News is oriented toward both internal (CAP) and external audiences. Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of CAP or the U.S. Air Force.

Stories and photos can be uploaded directly into the system using the template provided at Logon credentials are issued to unit public affairs officers and can be obtained by contacting your wing director of public affairs.

Each wing public affairs directorate is responsible for reviewing and approving subordinate unit submissions. The designated wing editor will review each submission prior to publishing online. Southeast Region Public Affairs reserves the right to edit all content uploaded to the system.

The submission must include the following:

  • Use of official squadron name(s).
  • Use of official names of all agencies, airports, businesses etc.
  • Use of first and last names, ranks and duty positions of all CAP members, include the rank on first reference.
  • Use of first and last names of all non-members.
  • Use of the Associated Press (AP) style.
  • Write story in third person.
  • Spell out all military-style acronyms.

Please provide a photo with each submission. Action is preferred but headshots are acceptable. All CAP members in photos must meet uniform and grooming regulations. Photos shall be carefully reviewed for uniform compliance. The writer is responsible for securing photos to accompany the article. The photos should have quality image and resolution (preferably 300 dpi) and sufficient file size (greater than 500KB). Include cutline for each photo. Fully identified, from left to right, all individuals in photos

All articles require Unit Commander approval and may need approval by Wing Commander and/or Wing Legal Officer. Keep OPSEC in mind. Information about operational missions may not be disclosed without approval from the CAP National Operations Center. Articles related to active missions must comply with approval requirements established by NOC and 1st Air Force. Work with the Incident Commander and/or Public Information Officer assigned to the mission to coordinate approval.

Quotes should be reviewed by source. Keep in mind that you will primarily be interviewing volunteers, most of whom have full-time jobs. Allow plenty of time in advance of deadlines to contact your sources.

Other guidelines:

  • The text for most stories should be no longer than 1½ pages.
  • Single space the text; indent each paragraph.
  • Use subheads whenever appropriate.
  • Each story should contain quotes from major sources of information.
  • All submissions must be the original content of the submitter. Submissions should be thoroughly proofread and edited for spelling, grammar and content. A good writer always has someone else double-check their work.
  • Credit CAP members who contribute to the story’s development. Provide this information at the end of the story.


Arkansas Wing Public Affairs Officer Maj. Blake Sasse, Illinois State Legislative Squadron Commander Fred Herschelman, Cass County Composite Squadron Commander Capt. Tony Belto (Missouri), and Iowa Wing Public Affairs Officer Doug Jansen contributed to this story.

  • Provide cutline information for each photo. Cutlines should be written in complete sentences.


Cutline: Arkansas Wing members with the 115th Composite Squadron pause for a photograph following an ELT mission precipitated by tornadoes. From left, back row, are ground team members 2d Lt. Stuart Allen, 1st Lt. Holly Jones, Cadet 2d Lt. Ian Hassett, Maj. Jeff Smith and pilot Lt. Col. Dave Winslow. Front row, Cadet 2nd Lt. Jacob Allen, left, and Cadet Airman 1st Class Joseph Allen.

  • Provide a photo credit for every photo.


Photo by Maj. Marina Scott, Arkansas Wing

  • Do not include boilerplate. This will be added automatically by online system.
  • Remove all unused elements of Online news template before saving story.