Hurricane Irma - Puerto Rico Wing

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Note:  Links provided are best available as infrastructure (i.e. traffic cameras) are offline. 

General Information

Communications Level 1 
  • Puerto Rico Wing continues aerial photography of the island. 
  • Six  aircrew man deployed in aerial assessment and photography for federal agencies
07 SEP 2017
  • Aircraft sheltered at Muniz ANG base are OK.  The ANG is in the process of clearing the runways to being impending operations.
  • RDP kit is being transported to St. Thomas to be installed in the EOC to establish communications.  An attempt to coordinate this with the US Coast Guard is in the process.
  • Direct communications has been established with St. Thomas and St. Croix.  Reports from St. Croix are about a 15-20% damage in the area inspected thus far.  Reports from St. Thomas is major infrastructure damage.  
  • There has been a partial disruption in CAP radio communications in Puerto Rico Wing.  Personnel are working towards reestablishing fill communications.  In the meantime, radio broadcasts are being conducted on a predetermined schedule of operation.  Despite limitations, communication with Avenging Spirt and Billy Bear have been established.

Radio Traffic