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HURCON Status: DEMOB  Communications Level 3 
The Florida Wing is transitioning to DEMOB and OPS NORMAL over the next 24 hours. I would like to thank all the members for their support during the Hurricane Irma response. Members from throughout the wing supported operations.
As we transition to demobilization and normal operations: 
  • Please remember safety is our number one priority. An online safety survey for meeting locations was provided to all commanders to assess the impact to unit meetings. As of 19 September, 58 out of 78 units have completed the survey.
  • Unit meetings will resume 20 September
  • FLWG flight operationsare projected to support remaining Hurricane Irma requirements until 22 September. The FLWG A3 team is coordinating resumption of non Hurricane Irma flight operations.
  • During the transition to demobilization and operations normal, units will need to inventory equipment used during the response and ensure recovery/repair as required.
  • Ensure all mission reimbursement are submitted in a timely basis and through the correct channels.
 We will continue to post updates to the FLWG website, social media, and e-mail.

Thank you for service.
Col Luis Garcia, CAP
Florida Wing Commander


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